Reiki Grand Master

Miracle Healer & Exorcist


Working the Unseen

Distance Healing - Spiritual Healing Energy - Negative Entity Removal - Remote  Healer - Life Coach - Distance Healing Therapy - Geopathic Stress Removal - Exorcism - Black Magic - Evil Eye - Jinn - Kala Jadoo - Ruqya - Amal - Sihr - Seher - Nazar - Al Mass - Ain - Reiki Teacher - Baptism - Pregnancy - Fertility & Conceiving - Increasing Financial Status - Family Unity - Couples Rehab & Therapy - Marriage Counselling - Karmic Debt

If you’ve reached, there is a reason you were searching; Life is an educational journey… Educating oneself with knowledge pertaining to the worldly and spiritual life we occupy. You must aspire the intellect to learn about that which is not so transparent… The afterlife and it’s effect on our existence on the plane we temporarily reside within.

Energy Manipulation

Reiki Love

Matters pertaining to personal wellbeing, family, romance, work, direction, guidance, past, present and the future.

Reiki Guru & Grand Master

Reiki Healing

Mental, emotional and physical obstacles, ailments and regression.


Reiki Riz Universal Lifeforce

Energy Force

Enlightening your future permantley, opening your being to connect with The One Life Force, centering and grounding your mind and body.


ReikiRiz Grand Master Miracle Healer

Entity Cleansing

Neutralizing negative energies, entities, spirits, ghosts, spells, curse from home, vehicle & work.


Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships

Career: New Opportunities & Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development