My name is Rizwan, meaning Guardian at the Gates of Heaven or Guardian Angel. I am an Energy Manipulator, Master Reiki & Negative Entity Neutralizer.

I perform various effective Reiki Healing & Cleansing Techniques based on need; including Remote/Distance Healing, Reiki Massage with Acupressure, Healing & Replenishment Energy and Prayer specific to your requirements.


I am naturally gifted with the ability to help those that seek it, for a better tomorrow.


My ‘senses’ and or gift (as you will), is the ability to ‘feel’ what we call supernatural, the ability to remotely heal mental / physical disorders and cleanse areas of harmful entities – spirits, ghosts, jinn / djinn, bad energy, aura.

Reiki Riz is a 'Natural' Reiki (Gifted) with the ability to provide and remove accurate accounts of Paranormal Phenomena and or Negative Entities / Energy for those troubled by such.


Encouraging guidance and training is provided to those that are in physical or emotional pain, stagnant, lost, troubled and or misguided.


When you schedule your consultation, you will receive detailed information based on your accounts and situation, which you are advised to take written note of.


Based on your particular circumstances, you may also be invited to call for updates and further guidance.

Messengers of God

People..... Know;

That We are ALL messengers of God

So that We may Spread Love amongst mankind (each other)

So that We may Overcome and Subdue Evil (that lays within)

Alone (individually), We can come Together (globally) and change what is seen (within your neighbour)

Put Your Faith in The Light, so that You may be children of The Light


December 2017