Negative Entities:  I started having very aggressive horrible dreams to the point where my dog was yelping at the same time I was screaming when I awoke. This carried on for months, so I started researching and came across Riz. I didn't think there was an entity or strange activity going on around me but after talking to Riz in Toronto; he sealed my house that day and the dreams subsided. He soon after came to Calgary for a visit and I have not had any more terrorizing dreams since. I do believe in ReikiRiz and from time to time he calls and checks up on me. Thanks Riz!

Darlene, L


Life Coaching:  I have recently been going through some life altering events, the type that will lead to what one can only hope to an amazing transformation. I had messaged Riz, and although he was out of the country assisting another client he still responded. When he returned he reached out to me and created a connection that will last for many years to come.  He was extremely caring, thoughtful and very helpful to my life's current situation. Riz was able to provide guidance and teach me some  useful tools that I can use daily to help grow and heal.

I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to have met such an incredible individual.

Tamara, K


Negativity & Entity Removal - Life Coaching:  I have used ReikiRiz services many times;

1)  ReikiRiz helped with the removal of negative entities from within my home.  My kids used to have nightmares almost every other night which became very concerning for all of us.  My daughter specifically had most of the nightmares and she would mention she could hear sounds in her bedroom.  I invited Reikiriz into my home and as soon as he entered he mentioned that there were spirits present within my home.  He performed his rituals within my home when my children were staying with their father.  The day my kids came back home, the first thing my daughter said to me as she entered the house was "Mommy this is the first time I feel good entering the house and feel at peace".  From this point forward, my kids never woke up because of nightmares or hearing sounds in the bedroom.

2)  ReikiRiz helped my parents with their relationship problems and my dad's drinking issues.  My dad would drink quite heavily and under the influence he would fight with my mom more than when not under the influence.  ReikiRiz spoke to my mom and after speaking to her he performed his rituals remotely.  Over time my dad's drinking decreased and the fights between my parents decreased both under the influence and not under the influence.

3)  ReikiRiz helped me when an unhealthy relationship of mine ended.  The man that I was with didn't handle the breakup well and started harassing me and my family.  I was very afraid of this man and also afraid that he may do something to me when on my own.  After speaking to ReikiRiz, he helped me remotely.  Almost instantly I started to feel stronger and the fear dissipated.  I started to feel calm and at peace and like myself again.  ReikiRiz mentioned that the rituals he performed would make this man stop harassing me and my family and this indeed was the case.

D, D


Negative Energy: I was experiencing a lot of problems at work, particularly with my manager. It got to a point where I was even thinking about resigning.


A colleague mentioned that should seek advise / help from a Reiki expert. After speaking with a number of Reiki Consultants, they mentioned my situation was beyond their skill and level of services. That's when one Reiki Master mentioned ReikiRiz.....


The moment that I started talking with him on the phone, I felt there was a positive energy surrounding me. Off the bat, ReikiRiz was very patient and empathetic. After analyzing the whole situation, he came up with a game plan and gave me certain tools to manage the situation.


I spoke with him once a week and after a month or so, We were informed at work that there was going to be a major restructure at work and that I would be reporting into a new manager.


I am really happy at work now. ReikiRiz helped me get rid of all negative energies around me and change the circumstances completely.

Shabs, D


Healing & Life Coaching: ReikiRiz is a gifted and powerful healer. Amazing and exceptional experience! Got what I needed and asked for. Very happy now I felt relaxed, confident, positive, motivated and protective during my session every time. I am sure I will be back for future sessions. I will highly recommend Rizwan to people seeking solutions to the problems. It was very easy to communicate.

Harpreet, D


'Miracle Healer': I was admitted into the ER for severe pains in my chest. 2 days later, I fell into a coma. My heart was only beating because of the pacemaker with defibulator. My liver and kidneys were failing, water built up in my lungs.


The doctors told my family "don’t have hope", as I was showing no signs of recovery and getting worse by the hour.


I woke up to a lovely, kind man by the name of Riz… I had no idea who he was, but felt like an angel…


Within 3 days of waking, my central line was removed, my heart was functioning by itself, I wasn’t on the ventilator anymore and I was sitting up, talking to family, laughing and smiling!!


I was made aware that for 3 days, Riz was at my bedside.


Its was very important for me and my family to thank him for saving my life and bringing my family peace.


The doctors said "this was a miraculous recovery"


Riz… You're a miracle healer… Thank you so much


Sadia, D

August, 2016


I was made aware of ReikiRiz through a friend that was dealing with bad energies around her house. She mentioned Riz was also a healer and I decided to try him out because doctors couldn't help me with the severity and frequency of my migraines.

I must say, Riz's work is absolutely amazing!! He changed the energy within my body to the point that I actually felt lighter, more energetic and don’t suffer like before.

I have recommended ReikiRiz to family and friends. He is honest, trustworthy, kind and very helpful.

S. Dean

September, 2017

Negative Entity Removal

I was struggling with a nasty energy drain which was plaguing me everyday for so long and a negative blockage that prevented me from moving forward in life, but, this all changed my life when I discovered Riz.  I feel so blessed and fortunate to have received my first reiki healing with Riz.  Magically, all my problems vanished almost immediately within a week I started to feel many positive changes. I am feeling so much better and now finally moving forward in life!  I highly recommend Riz to anyone.  He's truly a miracle! Thank you Riz for everything you've done for me! I' am now truly a believer of your gifted powers!

Venus. S

October, 2017


I had been struggling with bad dreams that made me very scared. I could also feel that i was being attacked at night and noises inside my bedroom which scared my wife and me. After a lot of research i found the problem was related to jinn. I contacted many people for help with this but nobody wanted to do the work because they were fearful of their own life and some attempts by different people did not change my situation. After i explained the problems to Riz, he immediately performed some work on me and within 3 days, the problem was completely gone. I am very thankful.

Ijaz. R

January, 2018

New Life

After working many deadend jobs and not makin any progress in my life, i contacted reikiriz to free me from what i was feeling and what happening to me. Although he completed the work in a day, within the week i started to feel lighter and happier. I know it wasnt coincidence and really believe that reikiriz helped me out of the mess that i was in.


January, 2018



Spiritual Cleansing

I was going through a difficult time in my life(Divorce) and i turned to ReikiRiz for assistance in the spiritual aspects of things. Since he performed the Cleansing i began to feel alot better. My mental Clarity returned and i was able to Focus alot better on tasks i performed. I felt light again and everyday seems hopeful looking forward into the future. He went above and beyond to make sure i was doing okay and feeling better. He most certainly has a gift and is very knowledgeable in his area of work. I would gladly recommend him to my friends and family.

Travis, A

March, 2018